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Preventing Pediatric Medication Dosing Errors with eBroselow’s SafeDose®

Preventing Pediatric Medication Dosing Errors with eBroselow’s SafeDose®SafeDose® from eBroselow was developed by Dr. James Broselow and Dr. Robert Luten, inventors of the world-renowned Broselow Tape which is still used extensively in emergency rooms throughout the country to ensure safe medication administration.

SafeDose digitizes the concept of the Broselow Tape and puts it at your fingertips for easy use in pediatric emergency situations. Medication dosing for children is primarily weight- based and requires an inordinate amount of manual math calculations to determine a proper dose.

As an ED Director, nurse, physician, or Quality Officer, no doubt ensuring pediatric emergency dosing safety is at the top of your list of concerns. Taking the math out of a stressful situation lets providers focus on providing the proper care and making sure the child gets the correct medication dose.

SafeDose is a web-based, mobile enabled clinical support application that standardizes and simplifies the complex process of drug administration. It is the first pediatric dosage resource able to replace the need for complex thinking in critical ED scenarios with a visual decision-making tool.

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