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Ensuring Proper Neonatal Medication Administration with eBroselow’s SafeDose®

Ensuring Proper Neonatal Medication AdministrationIn hospitals without an NICU, babies born precipitously will be delivered and cared for in the Labor and Delivery department awaiting transfer to a NICU. In most cases, the transport team will then take over care of the infant. Nurses and clinicians in a non-NICU setting and emergency personnel charged with the transport may not have the in-depth training or specific equipment to handle dosing.

Caring for and transporting these delicate, tiny patients creates an extremely dangerous scenario. Performing manual math calculations under these sometimes chaotic circumstances can lead to errors. Even experienced neonatal teams need dosing and administration assistance during transport.

SafeDose can also be instrumental in ensuring neonatal medication administration in hospitals with an NICU by quickly and simply providing dosing and administration information for day-to-day care activities.

SafeDose solves the problems surrounding neonatal dosing by:

  • Eliminating manual calculations
  • Providing detailed administration instructions
  • Enabling quick access via smart phone, tablet or desktop

SafeDose was developed by Dr. James Breslow and Dr. Robert Luten, inventors of the world renowned Broselow tape and key contributors to the creation of the specialty of pediatric emergency medicine. This next generation software builds on the concepts of the Broselow Tape which is still being used in emergency rooms around the world.

eBroselow’s nearly 300 customers use SafeDose in many different acute settings to ensure proper pediatric dosing.

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