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10 Reasons Digital Dosing Protects Patients and Boosts Your Bottom Line

Why you need to Get to Zero ADEs

Protecting patients from harm must be your first priority. But you also have a business to run. The financial and reputational impact of continued ADE occurrences in your hospital can have a devastating effect.

Government and third party oversight continues to intensify and medication administration errors can often raise red flags and place a target on your organization. The costs of dealing with increased audits, a reduction in revenue caused by a tarnished reputation, and growing non-reimbursable services as a result of ADEs to patients under your care can quickly degrade your top and bottom lines.

A digital dosing solution mitigates those threats by ensuring that your patients receive the right medicine in the right dosage at the right time, every time.

SafeDose® is an evidence-based clinical support tool for acute medication preparation and administration. The SafeDose System covers both pediatric and adult patients and ensures that drug orders are prepared and delivered accurately.

SafeDose is a proven solution in use in more than 300 hospitals in the U. S. and with more than 200,000 worldwide downloads of our mobile application. It can be easily integrated with any FHIR-enabled EHR to streamline your medication administration process.

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