eBroselow announced today the release of its new SafeDosePro 2.0 and SafeDoseFree 2.0 apps for iPhone/iPad/iTouch and Android. The new apps are a major advance over the Artemis SafeDose 1.0 app released in July 2011. The new apps add adult dosing, many new drugs and the ability to log patient status, drug administrations and caregiver actions. The eBroselow SafeDose photo feature can record time-stamped pictures of the patient, instrument settings and accident scene.

SafeDosePro eliminates advertisements and allows users to print and email PDF reports. SafeDosePro’s amazing new “NDC number and barcode scanning feature” allows nurses and pharmacists to quickly enter the NDC number for any drug with a U.S. FDA NDC number on it (all drugs in the US). Entering this number or scanning the barcode label with a Bluetooth scanner immediately brings up the dose in mL.

With the new addition of its powerful patient status and event recording features, eBroselow SafeDose can essentially serve as a mobile electronic medical records system. First responders can email patient status, pictures and caregiver actions to the Emergency Room prior to arrival for feedback and transitional care and also to base for long-term tracking. Doctors can send medication orders to pharmacy and x-ray, lab or other procedure orders to the appropriate department. Hospitals can use eBroselow SafeDose to keep even and patient records.