“eBroselow today released Version 4 of its transformative web and mobile-based acute medication reference tool. Version 4 expands beyond pediatric and emergency usages…”

“More and more hospitals and health systems across the United States and beyond are relying on eBroselow to help reduce medication dosing and administration errors by standardizing care in their clinical settings,” said Peter Lazar, chief technology officer. “In response to our clients’ needs, the substantial updates in Version 4 also make eBroselow even more useful in other parts of the hospital including the pharmacy and ICU, not just the emergency department.”

Previous versions of eBroselow have focused primarily on assisting doctors, nurses and pharmacists who work with acute care and pediatric patients in hospitals across the U.S. As such, eBroselow Version 4 includes an improved user interface, and numerous other updates in order to continue to meet the needs of the healthcare providers who rely on the system.

Version 4 has 20 percent more clinical content than previous versions and includes more complex medications in its database. Other enhancements include a new look, the addition of adult medications, exact-weight medication dosing, search-by-dose and an enhanced medication mixing tool.

To learn more about eBroselow’s web and mobile-based medication administration software to see a demonstration, visit the website at www.ebroselow.com or contact the eBroselow team [email protected].

Dr. Jim Broselow invented eBroselow to standardize the administration of medications used during adult and pediatric emergencies—a process that is prone to substantial errors. The web and mobile-based medication reference tool serves as a double-check for doctors, nurses and pharmacists and removes the complicated math involved in many dosing decisions. It builds on another successful invention of Dr. Broselow’s: the Broselow Tape, which is a simple and effective color-coded tool that helps doctors determine a child’s body weight from body height and provides proper dosing and airway information. For more information about eBroselow and its products, go to www.ebroselow.com.