eBroselow released version 4.3 of its SafeDose medication reference app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. For Android, this was the first release since version 4.0 in December 2014. For iOS it builds on version 4.2 published in March. It significantly increases the already sizable medication library and also includes many functional upgrades.

Besides the many new medications and doses, the content has been expanded to include Y-site compatibilities for all medications.

The most notable functional upgrade is barcode scanning with an integrated barcode scanner. iOS and Android mobile scanners are now supported. Contact eBroselow for details.

eBroselow SafeDose is a medication reference tool for doctors, pharmacists, nurses and emergency medical personnel. It provides mixing instructions, doses and drug administration information. After the caregiver chooses the patient’s weight and clinical need, eBroselow tailors the content to remove irrelevant information. It provides exact doses visually in mg and mL – eliminating the need for math or calculators. Honing content to exactly what is needed improves medication safety, reduces the cost of care, and improves clinical outcomes.

iMedicalApps said SafeDose is “useful and well designed… Undoubtedly, the potential for medication errors would be reduced if practitioners were to rely on the information provided by this app”.

A research study published in the Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics found that after less than 10 minutes of training, the use of eBroselow’s system increased the accuracy of medication doses prepared during simulated pediatric emergencies by nearly 25 percent, and completely eliminated clinically significant errors. The research also showed that use of the system, as compared to traditional processes, reduced the time required to prepare medication during an emergency.

With over 100,000 medical practitioners having downloaded SafeDose to date, the app is actively preventing errors and saving lives around the world.

Get eBroselow SafeDose for your Android here and get it for your iPhone or iPad here. The default version of SafeDose does not provide all of eBroselow’s medication content for free. The default version contains a few dozen medications and indications; whereas the full version has over a thousand.

The full version of the SafeDose mobile product can be obtained as a feature of the eBroselow enterprise product. This is available via yearly subscription from eBroselow’s home page.