In honor of National EMSC Children’s Day, Drs. Jim Broselow and Robert Luten are proud to release their new SafeDosePro 2.0 apps for iPhone/iTouch/iPad and Android at half price ($10 rather than $20). They are also releasing a free version, SafeDoseFree, with full dosing but more limited functionality.

eBroselow SafeDose serves as a “second check” for pediatric medication administration. It is like having a trusted pediatric pharmacist (or Doctors Broselow or Luten) looking over your shoulder to make sure any dose you give to a child is accurate. Avoid the frustrating ten-fold dosing errors that can lead to “death by decimal point.”

The SafeDose app allows caregivers to select the child’s weight range or estimate the weight based on color from Dr. Broselow’s system. Caregivers then choose a drug or indication from a searchable list. The app displays not only the mg for that child, but also the mLs to administer for the selected concentration.eBroselow SafeDose also provides mixing, preparation and administration instructions. It also shows adverse affects and other information.

It can be used with a low-cost, generic tape compatible with the BroselowTM system such as PediaTape.

Significant new features (fully functional in SafeDosePro) include the ability to generate a PDF report of medication dosing and other medical events. Caregivers can even take a picture of the patient or equipment such as ECG to include in this emailable report. Another new feature is the ability to search for drugs using NDC codes and barcode scan drug vials with a bluetooth barcode scanner.