The Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission and eBroselow LLC are pleased to announce a new initiative to promote dosing safety within EMS. It will involve distributing free copies of mobile software, called eBroselow SafeDose, to all EMS workers in Georgia during the week of September 19-25, 2011.

eBroselow SafeDose, which works on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry, is a sort of electronic extension to the Broselow Tape. By selecting weight or a Broselow Color zone, EMS professionals can quickly obtain not only a dose in mg but also in mLs for hundreds of drugs and indications. Besides dosing, eBroselow SafeDose includes information on drug administration, adverse affects, vital signs, maintenance fluids and equipment settings.

eBroselow SafeDose addresses the problem that dosing children in code situations is error-prone. EMS caregivers must make calculations quickly and accurately in a stressful environment with little room for error because children are particularly sensitive to drugs.

With the use of colors and zones, eBroselow SafeDose helps prevent the types of ten-fold dosing errors that might happen in emergency situations.

The Georgia Trauma Care Network Commission began a dosing safety standardization effort with eBroselow in 2010. The web-based software, called eBroselow, is just now being rolled out in hospitals across the state and also at EMS units in Regions 5 and 6. eBroselow SafeDose is a less comprehensive mobile version of this software.