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SafeDose® Code Book: 2019 Edition

Since you last printed your medication code book:

  • Have you changed your formulary?
  • Have you changed your EHR?
  • Have you changed your dosing for any emergency medications?

If the answer is yes, you’re using an outdated code book – a potentially dangerous situation.

Introducing the solution: The Customized SafeDose Emergency Medication Code Book

Clinicians need access to critical and current drug administration information anywhere and at any time. SafeDose can make that possible by digitizing your medication formulary. SafeDose will provide updated code books every year – or anytime industry standards evolve or significant formulary changes occur in your own organization. This eliminates the worry over your code books being inaccurate.

The SafeDose code book solution ends the debate of who is responsible for keeping your books accurate and safe. With SafeDose, you can be sure your clinicians always have the latest information, in handy book form, throughout your organization.

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