SafeDose® Family

Relieve the Anxiety of At-Home Medication Administration

As a parent or caregiver, have you struggled with the anxiety of administering medication to your child at home?

As a hospital executive, do you worry about children getting the right dose of medication at the right time once they leave your facility?

Unfortunately, your fears are well founded.

Mistakes when dispensing medication to a child in the home occurs up to once out of every four times, according to a review of 91 direct observation studies. [1] In a recent experiment, 85 percent of parents made at least one dosing error when administering liquid medication. Seven of 10 errors involved overdosing and one of every five parents made at least one error. [2]

[1] Medication Administration Errors, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Patient Safety Network, U. S. Department of Health and Human Services, September 2019.

[2] Liquid Medication Errors and Dosing Tools: A Randomized Controlled Experiment. Pediatrics, 138(4), October 2016.

Ensure Safe Medication Dosing at Home with SafeDose® Family

Help is here. SafeDose Family from eBroselow puts the same mobile medication app used millions of times a year at hospitals across the U.S. to ensure consistent, immediate, and accurate administration of medication to children into the hands of parents and other caregivers at home.

SafeDose Family was developed in conjunction with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), who provide clinical content for the SafeDose applications, and funded by a grant from the FDA.

SafeDose Family relieves the stress of medication administration at home for everyone responsible for the care of children.

For Parents/Caregivers

Always be sure you are giving your children the right dose of the right medication at the right time.

For Hospital Executives

Providing SafeDose Family to your patients not only lets you feel secure in the knowledge you are providing continued protection for children once they leave your facility, but also offers you a continuing connection to your patient audience.

Download SafeDose® Family

The SafeDose® Family mobile app provides young patients with the same protection in the home that they receive in the hospital.